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Rx Savings Solutions

March 21, 2024

For fully insured and OptiFlex groups

Two Rx Savings Solutions Campaigns launch this week

With the Rx Savings Solutions (RxSS) benefit included in your Premera health plan, your employees can save money on their prescriptions. This benefit is included in all fully insured and OptiFlex plans. Members will be alerted by email or direct mail when there’s a savings opportunity on their prescriptions and they can simply activate their free account on the RxSS portal. Members can also use their account in the RxSS portal to compare drug costs.

Member empowerment campaign: The goal of this 2-series email and direct-mail campaign is to re-engage and remind members who have not yet registered with RxSS that this benefit and savings opportunity is available for them to take advantage of. Members may receive either a postcard or an email. The first email and the direct mail letter will be sent this week.

Personalized savings report direct mail: Members with the most opportunity to receive the highest savings on their prescription costs (top 1-2%) will receive information on drug switches, costs, and location to pick up their prescription. This will make it easy for your employees to take the next steps toward prescription drug savings.

Would you like to share more information about Rx Savings Solutions with your employees? You can share information about Rx Savings Solutions with your employees using content that’s already available on B’link, your library of employee communications. You can find the link to B’link when you sign into your secure employer account. From B’link, just use the search bar to search for Rx Savings Solutions.

If you have questions about this member outreach campaign, you can contact your Premera representative or producer.