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The Digital Newsfeed Is Now Available for Eligible Members in OptiFlex Groups

June 20, 2024

For groups who have a fully insured or OptiFlex plan. Excludes self-funded groups at this time.

Last July, we introduced the new Digital Newsfeed program, available for all eligible members of fully insured employer groups. Today, we are happy to announce that as OptiFlex groups renew beginning July 2024 and going forward, all eligible members of these groups will also have access to the Digital Newsfeed program.

Eligible members must be over the age of 18 and have a valid mobile number on file.

Want to learn more about the Digital Newsfeed program? You can check out the prior Digital Newsfeed announcement. We also have a full FAQ on the Digital Newsfeed digital health messages on our website.

What your employees can expect:

  • Messages from Premera will always come from “51987”
  • Members will verify their identity entering their birthday one time once they are onboarded
  • Messages will be sent no more than twice a month to qualifying members
  • Every time members receive a new text message from us, it takes them to a personalized and secure communication newsfeed
  • Members can opt out of receiving notifications at any time by going to the most recent message you received, and text STOP

Still have questions? Contact your Premera account representative or producer.