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Welcome Employees to their 2024 Health Plan

January 18, 2024

This time of year, many groups are beginning a new or renewed health plan for 2024. Simplify your life and use content that’s already available in B’link to encourage your employees to take charge of their health and wellness journey by sharing essential first steps for their 2024 Premera health plan.

B’link, your library of employee communications, has content you can share with your employees. You can find the link to B’link when you sign into your secure employer account. From B’link, just go to Employee communications, then Welcome to your plan, and select Get the most out of your plan.

These materials are available in both English and Spanish. You can download and distribute this information to your employee distribution list effortlessly via email, flyer, or your preferred messaging platform. This information will provide a clear path for your employees to access an overview of their 2024 Premera health plan benefits as well as the available resources to support their health and wellness goals.

Get more benefit information to share with your employees
The employee communications center, B’link, offers a wide range of ready-to-share materials that help guide your employees through their plan options and offerings throughout the year.